Logan Airport Parking-Logan Valet and Fly is a private business dedicated to convenience – your convenience. Airline travel is enough of a hassle these days without worrying about taxis, parking garages, shuttle buses and struggling with your luggage. With Logan Valet and Fly, all you do is drive your car to the terminal. One of our professional drivers will be waiting for you – and only you – to take your car to a secured location.

While you are away, your car will be parked at a secure facility minutes from Logan Airport. When you return, your car will be driven to the same spot you left it for you to pick up and head home. It can’t get much easier than that.
 A Savings of $50-$90
($99/wk. and up for seven (7) days)
Certain restrictions may apply.

Our valet parking driver meets you at the terminal, takes your vehicle from you, parks it in a secure facility and returns it to you at the terminal upon your arrival back.
24-Hour Reservation Notice Required

*Subject to Availability
*Guaranteed parking space
*No struggling with luggage
*FREE Valet Driver
*Never take another cab, van or shuttle

To secure your reservation now, please call Logan Valet and Fly at 781-289-4200

Logan Airport Valet Parking
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